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Important Steps to Take Prior to Attending Entrada


If your class has graduated, you can skip to step #2 below.

1. Complete an application by clicking on the link directly below:

Diamond Ridge _ Entrada Unified Application

Instructions are included with the application. Wait until you receive further instruction. You will be notified when we are ready for you to take the next steps.

One of these steps will be to obtain 2 forms: (make an appointment with your current school counselor)

  1. K-12 withdrawal (Utah required) form from your current high school counselor. This form will need to be signed by parent/guardian, school counselor and school principal
  2. Withdrawal form (your current school’s form) This form shows that you are withdrawn from your current school and that you do not have any outstanding fines/fees or equipment checked out.

If your counselor is unsure about either form, please have them call Entrada.

2. Attend an Orientation Orientations are mandatory.

To sign up for Orientation, please call 801-826-6675. However, if you reach the voicemail, instead of leaving a message, please email michelle.mckinnon@canyonsdistrict.org. We need your name, birthdate and a cell phone number to add you to the attendees list. Please include this information in your email.

At Orientation:

  • When you arrive (in the main office) for Orientation, you will sign up for an appointment to come back another day (likely that same week) for Registration and Testing.
    • Keep in mind:
      • that it will take 1.5 – 2 hours to register and test.
      • and we’d like you to have a copy of your transcripts (see “NOTE” and 3c. below)

*Note: Due to the time it takes to enter them, the sooner we have your transcripts, the better. Please see step #3c. for information about your transcripts. We’d like to have them by your Registration and Testing appointment if at all possible!

3. At your Registration and Testing appointment, you will:**

3a. Register

  • Fill out the Utah state adult ed registration form (in your black Orientation folder)
  • Pay a $50.00 registration/semester fee
    • $50 will be due again prior to starting the 2nd semester in January

3b. Test – take the CASAS pretest in the the testing center

**IMPORTANT: In addition to your registration fee, IN ORDER TO TEST and REGISTER, you will need to bring:

  • A Utah proof of residency (all ages) – Driver’s License or business-related document with your name and address printed on it (together). This MUST be a paper copy (not electronic).


  • IF YOU ARE AGE 16-18 AND YOUR CLASS HAS NOT GRADUATED, you will also need 3 forms (completely filled out and signed by your school and your parent/guardian according to the requirements of each form) These forms are listed directly below.
    • The 2 forms mentioned in step #1 above
      1. K-12 withdrawal form (Utah required)
        1. Withdrawal form (your current school’s form)
          • REMINDERIn order to have these forms by your Registration and Testing appointment you will have to meet with your current school counselor and your parent/guardian PRIOR to your Registration and Testing appointment
        2. Entrada release waiver form, signed by your parent/guardian (from your black Orientation folder)


3c. Turn in and/or request your high school transcripts.

  • If you attended a high school/program within Canyons School District, we can access your transcripts via the district with your permission.
  • If you have attended another Utah adult high school/program, we can access your transcripts via the Utah state adult ed UTopia system.
  • However, if you have attended a school/program outside of the district or an adult high school/program not in Utah, you will need to request your transcripts to be sent via fax or email and mail to Entrada Adult High School. Please speak to the Entrada staff in the testing center at your Testing and Registration appointment to determine the process needed to obtain your transcripts.


3d. Schedule your Entrada Academic Counselor meeting:

  • The staff in the testing center will schedule this counselor appt with you AFTER you have tested and discussed the plan to obtain your transcripts
  • NOTE: Counselor appts are limited. If you do not show up to your appointment without 24-hour notice, you will be charged $20. It is also up to YOU to REMEMBER YOUR APPT. As you are attending an adult high school, you will be expected to be at all of your appointments (early or) on time.


At your Entrada Academic Counselor meeting:


4. You will meet with an academic counselor

This counselor will meet with you (and parent if your class has not graduated) to discuss your options for earning either your GED® diploma or your Entrada High School diploma. IT IS IMPORTANT that your transcripts have abeenThe discussion will include:

How to earn credit towards your high school diploma

We offer:

  • Traditional classes that run for 4 weeks every month
  • Packets
  • Test-Outs (for those who qualify)
  • We also offer apprenticeship programs – current offerings are with McNeil’s Auto Care and Focus Engineering and Surveying

How to earn your GED® diploma

We offer:

  • GED®-prep classes
  • Practice GED® tests (as an Entrada-registered student, the cost for these practice tests is covered with your registration fee)

NOTE: Entrada offers the prep classes, tutoring and practice tests with your Entrada registration. However, for the 4 GED® (actual) tests, you will go to GED.com to: create your GED® account and pay GED® $30 (for each test as you schedule/take them). It is recommended to only take one or two tests on the same day and to not schedule the two longest tests on the same day.

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