Out of School Youth

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Has your class NOT graduated?

You can still enroll with us.

If the applicant’s graduating class has NOT graduated:

The applicant must be out of school and be at least 16 years of age to be eligible to enroll at Entrada High School.

Special conditions involving high school principals, counselors and local adult education programs exist to assure that potential applicants and parents/guardians are aware of the consequences of dropping-out of school and entering adult education. Adult High Schools require the applicant to submit a completed “Adult Education Program and/or GED® Testing Application for 16-18 Year-Old Non-Graduates” obtained from counselors in public high schools, charter schools or special purpose residential schools.

By signing the form the student and parent/guardian acknowledge:

That counseling has been provided with the applicant explaining the major consequences of the applicant’s education choices;

That the applicant is formally withdrawn from a program of K-12 instruction; and

Permission from parents/guardians has been given for the applicant to entroll in adult eduation or take the tests (or the applicant presents his/her marriage certificate in lieu of parental/guardian permission.)

Once the applicant has obtained Adult Education Program and/or GED® Testing Application for 16-18 Year-Old Non-Graduates, he/she will need to attend an Out of School Youth orientation with a parent/gaurdian.  Other requirements that the applicant must bring are:

  • Current Transcripts
  • $50 for the Semester
  • Proof of address.  (I.D., Driver License, bill, transcripts, mail)

Call 801-826-6675 to set up your appointment.